WordPress | Art Absolutely Creative Studios

At the beginning of my 15+ long years journey as an independant website developer and creative solutions consultant, there has been a strong relationship between myself and creative art studios. Working alongside talented artists was where it all started for me and with myself being a creative arty-minded person, I feel it has been a blessing and I'm lucky enough to work alongside several art studios till this day.

I was approached recently by Art Absolutely to assist with creative ideas they had in mind for their canvas; which in this case was a WordPress website. Since digital canvases that involved no hand drawings or paint palettes wasn't in their skill-set, I was asked as a programmer to help develop a range of custom plugins and page templates for them.

After a brain-storming session with myself which involved difficult problem solving in order to find the solutions needed, I was able to consult the client and I was quickly hired to work on the project as the lead developer and solutions engineer and left to work independantly;- something which is important to me as a leader of problem solving and engineering of UI/UX design infrastructure.