API Integration | WeAudition | Video Auditions for Actors and Readers

Having an expert background in API integrations and computer programming, I was contacted by WeAudition - a leading online video auditions community for actors. I was asked to develop a fully customised application on their website using the API's provided by Stripe's payment gateway.

The idea of this development was that actors and readers could connect their own personal Stripe account to the companies account (WeAudition), and in turn would mean that the entire payment processing would be handled automatically via a programmatic solution, thus removing the need for any manual action from WeAudition. This was due to the fact that their customer base was quickly growing and a manual processing for transactions was proving to be very tedious for them.

During a morning meeting with the owner of WeAudition (who was an friendly guy, I must add) over a scheduled video call, I discussed a plan of action which I'd penned down on the evening beforehand. This involved integrating Stripe Connect through the use of API to make use of their platform and marketplace payment solutions. Everything that this particular client needed was possible using this API integration, and after consulting, I was given the green light to proceed with the work before the meeting ended.

Additionally, the WeAudition website was developed using bespoke PHP procedural programming, combined with a MySQLi database, which wasn't a problem for me as a full-stack web developer. I have many years experience in Procedural, OOP and MVC programming, along with a variety of popular database technologies.
API Integration