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I’m Damon, an award-winning website designer and full-stack web developer who’s been providing clients with awesome websites in Glasgow, Scotland and the rest of the UK; for over 15 years. I have fully dedicated myself through the years as an independent developer which has allowed me to be able to design & develop the utmost best websites for all sorts of clients… Websites that not only look stunning but also helps your business grow with increased customer enquiries, orders and revenue.

Industries I Work With


As an leading eCommerce and retail POS systems provider, I can help deliver the exceptional payments experience that customers want and look for, every time they shop with you.

Real Estate

I know that this is a hugely competitive industry to be in and from several years working alongside real estate & property clients, I have what it takes to build full-scale web developments that bring results.


For most businesses, a presence online is mandatory and not a luxury. Working with businesses of all shapes and sizes, I am able to provide corporate level website developments and all of the features you need; and not forgetting my SEO expertise, making sure you'll get noticed by clients that matter most.


As a skilled full-stack website developer, I have built several GPS fleet management applications, mainly for monitoring performance which gives amazing results of increased fleet efficiency. I've worked with fleet management software providors to high-end global solutions companies in this field.


I have a track record of creating awesome websites for the travel and hospitality industry, and that is based on a goal with a specific aim... turning online visitors into paying guests. Your website needs to be as welcoming as the rooms your guests book into, something I have continuously shaped together for several clients in this industry.

Creative Arts

When I started my journey many years ago, I was heavily involved within the arts and creative industries. I worked alongside several studios and solo artists which I am thankful for as I wouldn't have taken extra leaps that got me to where I am today which involves many different industries of high ranks.


Working with clients from the healthcare industry has given me a multi-level understanding of what is expected from the client, their customers and the inspection teams who work behind the scence, including the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC).


Over the years working within the education industry, I've learned that the glue that holds all education together, trust. I can build and automate websites and applications to ensure academic integrity across your entire learning communities.

Let’s get the ball rolling…

I’m based in Glasgow and deal with businesses of all sizes from across the UK, both remotely and on-site. Please contact me if you are starting a new project or wish to collaborate with me.