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Damon McPate
| Award-Winning Website Designer & Web Developer

Providing creative web design and development for clients and agencies throughout the UK for over 15 years!

Hi. I’m Damon McPate! Welcome to Built By Damon. From web design & development to expert website SEO services, I offer the brains for both. I am a versatile individual who has an excellent track record of bringing results for all business sizes – from small, mid-sized and large-sized businesses; the type of results that help increase customer enquiries, orders and revenue.

As a web designer & full-stack developer and SEO expert, my main objective is to provide solutions: excellent websites, solid functionality and all of which is results focused.

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Damon McPate - Award-Winning Full-Stack Web Developer

What I Do & Services I Provide

I create full-scale websites and applications for all types of clients and businesses in Glasgow, and across the UK.

Website Design

I can create full-scale websites straight from a blank canvas, to suit the needs of any type of client, which covers the entire process of planning, design, development up to the launch. The websites I deliver are built for performance, accessibility and of course ensuring a seamless user experience.

Web Development

Given my background as a full-stack web developer with a proven track record for developing awesome website applications, I am able to deliver powerful functionality with bespoke coding, database building, API integrations and more... Future proof web applications, both visually and usability

eCommerce Websites

I have been providing clients with full-scale eCommerce websites that allow them to sell their products online, with ease. A combination of a user-friendly shopping experience and a login secured administration dashboad for shop owners to manage everything, including product inventory, orders, payment method management, shipping options / zones and more, running your online shop is super easy.

Custom Programming

I don't just provide websites. I am well versed in a variety of programming languages and technologies for both web application and software builds. I started my coding journey as a software developer in university 15+ years ago where I studied C/C++ and Assembly Machine Language (ASM), which I continued on for web application development that has allowed me to develop the most amazing websites for a variety of industries.

Cloud Architecture

I can guide you through the entire journey into the cloud with a plan of action that gives you the perfect architecture for your needs, implemented on AWS - Amazon Web Services. I will also provide my expert advice, as an independent partner of AWS, on topics such as storage, services & security of the cloud.

Technical Support

I care about every client I work with! It doesn't matter whether they're an individual with a small business or vision, or a large house hold name / brand. Part of that care means I am on-hand to offer expert technical experience when needed. My reputation and feedback from clients which you can find online spans over 15+ years with nothing but amazing things said for reasons, and this is certainly one of them.

Technology I work with

PHP Web Developer Glasgow
NodeJS Website Glasgow
ReactJS Freelance Web Developer
MySQL Database Expert Glasgow
HTML5 - Freelance Website Designer and Developer
CSS3 Freelance Developer Glasgow
JQuery Glasgow Freelance Web Developer
AJAX Website Developer Freelancer Glasgow
Glasgow Freelancer | Google Analytics
AWS Glasgow Freelancer
Github Glasgow
CentOS Linux Developer Glasgow

I focus on the important details; Usability, Accessibility and Performance — Results Focused.

At Built By Damon, expect greatness. I pride myself on building user-friendly, high performance products which are jam-packed with creativity and awesome solutions, ensuring performance is top-tier and gives the results each client needs.

Got questions? Take a look at the questions I’m frequently asked by clients below…

testimonial photo 1 - An Expert Digital Consultant With Forward Moving Solutions | Just What My Business Needed

An Expert Digital Consultant With Forward Moving Solutions | Just What My Business Needed

Damon’s work was exceptional. He communicated clearly and performed exactly as I requested. When unexpected issues developed he clearly explained what needed to be done to continue moving forward. He also took the extra time to educate me on the process we were working on. This was a perfect collaboration! I couldn’t ask for a better member of the team. I will work with him again.

Israel De la Torre

SysAdmin & Solutions Architecture Ltd.
website review damon - WOW! A talent and attitude that is the rock 'n roll of websites

WOW! A talent and attitude that is the rock ‘n roll of websites

This is the man to use, so many long winded people out there who are not able to deliver especially in the website world. Required some complicated website work along with fixing some issues fast that needed outside thinking to bring a sensible solution to the table. The guy was so easy with communication; the perfect way for us going forward after a few disasters from previous clients before finding this gem. Work was done in rapid time and issues resolved quicker than we expected. Without hesitation, we will be using Damon again. From our experience, he is a highly recommend professional.

Warren C.

Operations Director - JMS Waste
nadja 1 - An Unforgettable Experience Working With A Gifted Leader of Design and Development.

An Unforgettable Experience Working With A Gifted Leader of Design and Development.

Was really good working with Damon, once again. He is truely gifted with his talents and helped me and my business progress thanks to his directions that I have been so grateful for. Everything I asked for was delivered very quickly and everything worked perfectly as always. Thank you so much! I will definitely be in touch when I need more design and development work done.


Digital Graphics Designer
built by damon review image - Damon is a Best-of-Breed Developer who Worked Around the Clock to Help my Businesses Achieve

Damon is a Best-of-Breed Developer who Worked Around the Clock to Help my Businesses Achieve

Excellent work from Damon on this project! So much in fact that from now on he will always be the first developer I contact, especially after countless difficult experiences with bad freelancers I sourced elsewhere. He seemed to work around the clock to get the project finished and I was impressed with his excellent communication skills — from start to finish of the project (including weekends), along with additional after support when I need it, no matter what time of day it is. Highly recommended to anyone looking for an expert web developer.

Nathan Aston

Social Media Consultant/Expert

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