eCommerce | Kitchen Manufacturer & Supplier Developments

I was approached back in early 2013 by the business development and strategy team behind Ireland's leading manufacturer and supplier of kitchens & bathrooms with a single brief that was the beginning of an amazing journey. I was originally assigned to work alongside them for a total of 5-8 weeks, however this then became a long-running working releationship between us that lasted more than 8 years.

I was quickly recognised for my for strong work ethic based on several factors, including: Dedication, Professionalism and Determination... a combination of ingredients which have assisted in bringing countless businesses I've been involved with in a forward direction. With this said, my position as a developer quickly accelerated into taking leadership of their business development activities.

Becoming a real asset to the company, I expressed my belief that true leadership is a talent with a ratio of at least 1:1000. I wasn't talking about 9-5 managers within their showrooms, which realistically is around a 1:3 ratio, but an individual with a single management style which allows for everything to be self policing. Needless to say, I quickly teamed up with a leading consultant, and for several years running, a huge nationwide company in Ireland with several showrooms and thousands of employees was being run by just myself and the consultant... all behind the curtain.

The huge shift we implemented for their business was a game-changer. A complete re-structure of their out-dated systems had allowed for automated flows, involving the developments of Lead Management Systems (LMS), Multi-Level Marketing (MML) and more; essentially reducing the need for unnecessary administration. This in turn, allowed for time and money to be used more resourcefully within the company.

In a nutshell, myself and just one other talented individual were the brains behind this companies massive transformation into a new-age digital operation. Thankfully, we had all systems up and running before the peak of COVID-19, which helped them survive digitally. It was for this reason they achieved another award for "Retail Excellence" and were also issued a high value grant to help keep things above water during the pandemic.