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Having a history working in the home, bathroom and kitchen industry as a full-stack web developer and consultant, I was approached with a detailed brief for the development of a full-scale website by an Oxfordshire based luxury bespoke kitchen manufacturer, Woodwise Kitchens, whom at the time had a very basic and unprofessional website online that was years old.

The brief was rather complicated and it required extensive planning and consultation between myself and the other party in order to get their vision into a reality. I was able to break everything down so their short deadline demands were met, which consisted of me working alongside another talented designer who was assigned to work on the page designs while I would work on the the infrastructure and programming using the designs they provided. This saved me a great deal of time and allowed me to meet their deadline date.

The new website needed to showcase their amazing kitchen and furniture which would help reflect their company brand. With this in mind, we were able to obtain stunning high quality imagery of their awesome product range from an in-house photographer, thus giving them the well deserved prominence needed on their website.

The website required full content management and so we agreed to use the Concrete5 Content Management System (CMS) for the build which allowed for the site administrators to access an admin panel protected via a secured login where they could add and update the websites content easily using a drag and drop editor, essentially omitting the need for any technical experience / coding. This in turn prevented additional costs for them if they required additional pages etc.