Bespoke | EliteSingles | Website Landing Page Design & Development

I was approached to develop a professional landing page for EliteSingles, one of the leading global online dating websites, with the main aim of the page being a series of Call to Actions (CTA's) setup for capturing new leads which their marketing team could then work their magic to convert those leads into a subscription based customer. This entailed a series of tasks which I had to complete such as developing the designs into a fully-responsive HTML/CSS copy.

It was extremely important when it came to the placement of the CTA's throughout the page, thus needing some brain-storming in order to ensure it was shown above and below the fold, as well as in-between these folds with "straight to the point" text copies that were needed in order to encourage user interaction within the average duration of page visit times.

Throughout the years of working as a web developer, I understand how customers work when it comes to websites and how to ensure user interativeness before they decide to leave; potentially losing a customer forever. This allowed me to finalise and deliver the EliteSingles landing/sales page much quicker than expected and they were massively impressed with my efforts.